Which Program Is The Best For Me?2019-12-20T21:12:06-06:00

During your first free one-on-one lesson, an instructor will go over the programs and help you decide which ones you are interested in and which ones you would best benefit from.

Overall, What Should I Expect When I Walk Into The Gym For The First Time?2019-12-20T21:11:38-06:00

Expect a welcoming community of members who enjoy practicing at this gym and are generally more than willing to help  and explain procedures at the gym

Is This Gym Just For Competitive Fighters?2019-12-20T21:11:07-06:00

No, our members range from those who are serious about fighting competitively, to those who are simply looking for a positive and comprehensive workout environment.

What Equipment And Gear Does This Gym Provide?2019-12-20T21:10:44-06:00

We provide all pads, bags, mats, and other strength and speed training equipment necessary. We also have some gloves and Jiu-Jitsu gi’s available to use temporarily.

Are There Competitions?2019-12-20T21:10:19-06:00

Yes, our teams compete at the local, regional and national levels, however, competing is optional for all members of the gym.

Are There Age Groups?2019-12-20T21:09:39-06:00

With the exception of women’s only kickboxing, the ACA is a community with members of all ages that train and practice together in a supportive environment. We are in the process of developing youth programs, but for the time being students under 18 require parent/guardian consent.

What Kind Of Equipment Will I Need?2019-12-20T20:59:35-06:00

For your first free introductory lesson you will only need gym clothes (gym shorts and a t-shirt). Your instructor will explain what else you might need after your first lesson.

Will I Able To Be Ranked Or Receive Belts?2021-06-03T12:30:56-06:00

Yes. Between the ACA and our sister school in Minneapolis (The Academy), our instructors are qualified to rank members in Brazilian Jiu-jutsu and Muay Thai Boxing.

Where Is The Gym Located?2019-12-20T20:57:08-06:00

This gym is located off of Main Avenue and 34th Street in Fargo, North Dakota.

How Often Are Classes?2019-12-20T20:56:44-06:00

Classes run all day Monday through Saturday. Check with an instructor for times of the programs you are interested in.

Do I Need Previous Experience In Order To Train At This Gym?2019-12-20T20:56:14-06:00

Though previous experience helps, there is absolutely no experience required to join this gym. Our highly qualified trainers are able to teach anyone at any ability level, regardless of experience.

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