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Is this another Thai-bo fad?

Absolutely not. Though physical fitness and health are a big part of this gym, we teach real martial arts and self defense. Not only do the members reap the benefits of an active lifestyle, but gain experience in applicable martial arts and self defense techniques.

How often are classes?

Classes run all day Monday through Saturday. Check with an instructor for times of the programs you are interested in.

What kind of equipment will I need?

For your first free introductory lesson you will only need gym clothes (gym shorts and a t-shirt). Your instructor will explain what else you might need after your first lesson.

Are there age groups?

With the exception of women’s only kickboxing, the ACA is a community with members of all ages that train and practice together in a supportive environment. We are in the process of developing youth programs, but for the time being students under 18 require parent/guardian consent.

Are there competitions?

Yes, our teams compete at the local, regional and national levels, however, competing is optional for all members of the gym.

Which program is the best for me?

During your first free one-on-one lesson, an instructor will go over the programs and help you decide which ones you are interested in and which ones you would best benefit from.