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Combat Submission Wrestling

Fargo Combat Submission Wrestling Classes

Come grapple with us in our combat submission wrestling classes. As one of the top gyms of our kind in the Fargo-Moorhead area, you’ll train with skilled instructors who will not only demonstrate correct technique, but push you to succeed and achieve the highest level of skill you’re capable of. Whether you’re a competitive mixed martial artist looking to hone your abilities, or a complete beginner in search of a high-intensity workout, you’ll find the training, support, and expertise you need to succeed at the Academy of Combat Arts.

What Is Combat Submission Wrestling?

Combat submission wrestling blends Greco-Roman and Freestyle wrestling with techniques from other other disciplines, such as Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It emphasizes takedowns and submission holds, and is popular both for sport and self-defense training.

Why Train At The Academy of Combat Arts?

When you join the ACA, you’ll learn combat submission wrestling techniques from former NDSU Division 1 collegiate wrestler Joe Trottier and undefeated former competitive MMA fighter Dylan Spicer. Both are committed to helping students achieve their best while ensuring you learn the right way while avoiding bad habits that may hinder you later. You’ll develop incredible grappling and submission skills that will serve you well whether you’re a professional fighter or amateur enthusiast.

Looking for more information or want to try CSW yourself for free for 30 days? Get in touch us and we’ll set up your initial consultation to introduce you to our coaches and facilities. Call or email us today!